clinic procedures / policies

Nolan Family Medical Clinic to provide not only excellent quality care, but also a wonderful experience at our clinic between patients, doctors and staff. To help us facilitate this, we need to value our time and services and maintain a proper balance between work and our personal time. For this reason, we have developed the following policies:

  • The first visit at our clinic will be a "Meet the Doctor Visit", where information is exchanged about the patient's needs and expectations and the doctor's knowledge, skills, and scope of practice. If these factors are deemed to be mutually acceptable, the patient will then be taken on as a patient of the clinic. The doctor reserves the right to decline acceptance of a patient. No health issues will be dealt with on the first visit.
  • We are both family medical and a walk in clinic. The priority of looking after patients would be as follows:
    • - Booked Appointments and;
    • - Walk in Patients
  • Patients are requested to come to their appointment on time. Due to the disruption to the clinic's schedule, patients arriving more than 30 minutes late will be asked to reschedule. We appreciate a phone call if you know that you are running late.
  • To thoroughly assess concerns and to better accommodate scheduling, we request that patients focus on only one health concern per visit. If you feel you may require extra time for a complicated issue or counseling, please inform the staff at the time of booking so they can allot an appropriate amount of time.
  • Prescriptions will not be filled over the telephone. Patients need to come in for a proper assessment of their health status prior to renewal of medications. No advice will be given out over the telephone and doctors will not return phone calls. Test results will not be given out over the telephone.
  • Patients are encouraged to routinely book follow-up appointments after any tests have been ordered. This not only ensures that results are indeed received by our office, but also allows us time to educate about the significance of test results and answer your questions.
  • Your doctor might not be available in the office every day. If an urgent situation arises where you need to be seen and your usual physician is not in the office, we will attempt to fit you in with one of his or her colleagues working that day.
  • Patients will be given warning on missed appointments and charged the second time they come in for no show. At least give us 24 hours cancellation notice.
  • Fees will be charged for uninsured services such as sick notes, forms, third party medicals, etc. A list of uninsured services and costs can be found on the medical receptionist desk.
  • Rude behavior or verbal abuse toward the doctors or staff will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate termination of care.
  • The Nolan Medical clinic is part of the Primary Care Network, Mosaic Calgary.
We request that our patients familiarize themselves with our Policies for important and helpful patient information.